Diyana Jamil

FMA Business Development Manager


Every woman aspires to achieve stability in life. Ms. Diyana, a Business Management graduate, initially pursued a career in Sales and Marketing after graduation, consistently meeting and surpassing monthly sales targets. Despite the career success, she began to feel the absence of precious moments with her children and family.

After thoughtful consideration, Ms. Diyana decided to leave her job and venture into entrepreneurship. She managed an online boutique, a small farm, and other small businesses simultaneously. Unfortunately, the challenges of the lockdown period forced her to close her businesses, leading to a sharp decline in sales and profits. Additionally, Ms. Diyana faced a personal health crisis when she was diagnosed with cancer, but she found a remarkable product that contributed to her recovery.

Facing unemployment, a decline in business, and financial instability, Ms. Diyana felt overwhelmed by commitments. In an effort to help others facing similar health issues, she began introducing the products she used. To her surprise, she earned RM589 in the first month, marking the beginning of her successful journey to assist more people.

Motivated to learn more, Ms. Diyana delved deeper into FMA, a community of successful individuals with vast experience in leading others to a better life. With thorough guidance from the academy, she continued to ascend, refining her knowledge of the business market. This journey led to her recognition as Aloe Ambassador 2021, Star Awards 2021, and eligibility for the Achievers Trip to Kundasang in 2022.

Committed to FMA, Ms. Diyana, drawing from her valuable business and sales experiences, is dedicated to “helping others achieve better health and financial freedom”.