Nora Tahir

FMA Event Management Consultant


Before discovering FMA, Ms. Nora held a high-ranking executive position in the Sales & Marketing Department of a prominent hotel in Kuantan. The demanding nature of her role eventually led her to resign and venture into entrepreneurship by opening a clothing boutique in Kuantan. Unfortunately, her lack of experience in the industry resulted in substantial losses and financial difficulties.

To make ends meet, Ms. Nora and her spouse explored various business opportunities, including trading in the night market, selling fruits, and becoming telecommunications agents. However, their fortunes changed when they encountered FMA. The invaluable guidance and effective marketing strategies provided by FMA led to a remarkable transformation in both their health and financial situation.

Witnessing these positive changes, they decided to discontinue all previous business endeavors, and her spouse even quit his job to fully dedicate himself to this new venture.

One of Ms. Nora’s significant achievements with FMA was reaching the position of Manager within just three months of registering. This accomplishment brought her recognition and made her eligible for various incentives, including sponsored vacations, annual bonuses, and a car allowance bonus offered by the company. After a year with FMA, her financial problems were resolved, enabling her to eliminate all debts. Ms. Nora fulfilled her heartfelt desire to gift a car and a house to her parents in their hometown—an achievement of immense meaning in her life. She aspires to assist more individuals in achieving similar success and happiness in business through FMA.

Despite lacking a diploma or notable qualifications, Ms. Nora takes pride in her accomplishments and the ability to “help numerous housewives achieve their goals and dreams, enabling them to become debt-free”.