Norein Jamil

FMA Beauty & Health Expertise


Ms. Norein embarked on her professional journey as a teacher in Kuala Lumpur for a year before dedicating an impressive 15 years to education in Brunei. Her association with FMA began inadvertently when a friend invited her to join the business. Despite initial hesitations due to past disappointments with MLM marketing strategies, she decided to support her friend’s interests and became an FMA member with a mere RM90 registration fee.

Little did Ms. Norein know that this decision would transform her into a full-time entrepreneur. Intrigued by the numerous success stories and testimonials associated with FMA worldwide, she maintained regular communication with her mentor.

With guidance on products and the expansive business network of FMA, she achieved a remarkable four-figure bonus in her first month, showcasing her dedication and hard work.

As her FMA journey entered its second year, Ms. Norein reached a significant milestone that allowed her to partake in a local trip to Taiwan, even before attaining a managerial position. This marked a pivotal moment, sustaining her business and convincing her husband to join forces. Utilizing FMA bonuses, she treated her family to a memorable five-day vacation in Bali. Recently, she celebrated her greatest accomplishment by purchasing a house, a testament to her unwavering commitment and FMA’s guidance.

Currently, Ms. Norein dedicates her time entirely to her “home-based business with FMA and contributes to the academy’s development as one of the content creators”. Additionally, she has founded Belissima Hijab and Bellezza Cosmetics, further expanding her entrepreneurial endeavors.