Norsidah Mat Yusoh

FMA Management & Education Consultant


Ms. Norsidah was a dedicated and exceptional educator with remarkable achievements despite juggling with part-time business and responsibilities of raising four children. She holds an impressive educational background, including a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies Shariah Law. She has also been recognized as the 21st-century speaker for Johor Religious Sect Teachers.

Ms. Norsidah journey with FMA began in 2015, whereby a friend recommended an energy-boosting product to her as they noticed she was looking pale and weak for quite some times. After trying out several products, she became a registered user. It was during this time that her friend invited her to listen to an explanation from the TOP Mentor of FMA. Initially, she was hesitant to join the business, but changed her mind after attending the talk and seriously considering to participate.

Her first income was RM4 and spiked to RM300 in the second month. Feeling grateful with the increment as she desperately needed extra money, she chose to dig deeper into the business with the guidance of FMA mentor. All her life, she depended on her old small car to survive with her little children daily. She really hoped that in the near future, she could accommodate them with a more convenient car and her wish came true when she finally managed to get her family a brand new one. Over the course of five months, Ms. Norsidah’s income continued to increase, and she had the car instalment settled within just three years.

Thanks to FMA, her wish lists were all fulfilled. She was able to bring her mother to Mecca and had her house restoration done with the cost of RM40 thousand in cash. She also succeeded to pay off the housing debt.

Today, she has been effectively building her network, with 50 managers and 20,000 members registered. Mr. Norsidah had produced many successful entrepreneurs who had made it to the world stage. Her accomplishments include being listed in Malaysia’s top ten achievers since 2017 until now, for seven years in a row.

Ms. Norsidah was forever grateful for the guidance provided by FMA, and hoping that more entrepreneurs will succeed in this business. She considered FMA by way of a business academy that is truly called ‘one heart, one voice’. As a proud FMA business leader, Ms. Norsidah has proved that significant success can be made possible, subsequent to her tagline “From an ordinary teacher doing small part-time business to a successful world level entrepreneur”. She looks forward to meeting more arising entrepreneurs soon and guide them to the world stage together with FMA.