Raya Bersama FMA 2024

Date: 4 May 2024

Time: 11:00AM

Author: Ikhmal Zaim

Its never too late for raya because “Rayakan Sebulan”. On the 4th of May 2024, FMA organized the Raya Bersama FMA event at Vista Bangi, Selangor. This open house was a wonderful opportunity for all FMA members to come together and celebrate Raya in the month of Syawal.

The event started off with doa from Encik Azman and follow up by The Faces of FMA, Puan Juraidah Mohamad to give opening speech to the guests. then we straight forward to the traditional activity of “Anyam Ketupat” where participants weaved ketupat baskets. This was followed by a lively session of “Sambung Lagu Raya” where everyone sang popular Raya songs together, creating a festive atmosphere. As the day went on, the excitement continued with the game of “Tikam Duit Raya” where participants tried their luck at winning some extra pocket money. Laughter and cheers filled the air as people eagerly participated in the game.

To end the event on a high note, everyone joined in for a fun and energetic session of “Joget Raya” dancing to traditional Raya tunes with joy and enthusiasm. The music, laughter, and camaraderie made the event a memorable and enjoyable experience for all who attended. There was never a dull moment as everyone immersed themselves in the festive spirit of Raya, making lasting memories and strengthening bonds with one another.

The festivities are enhanced with a wide array of Raya Delicacy dishes such as Nasi Hujan Panas, Satay, Laksa, and more, evoking a sense of nostalgia for everyone during the celebration. The tantalizing aroma of these traditional dishes fills the air, drawing people towards the food stalls set up in the vibrant bazaar.

In addition to these delectable dishes, Puan Nora Tahir and En Sukri, offer their signature coffee, Kopi Kemasek. This aromatic and robust coffee has gained a reputation for its unique blend of beans. The rich and smooth taste of Kopi Kemasek has become a popular choice among the guests, who eagerly sip on their cups of coffee while enjoying the festivities.

The Raya Bersama FMA concluded at 5 PM, bringing a bright smile to the faces of all guests, capturing the triumph and happiness of the event.