Rohayani Hamizi

FMA Education Consultant


Before pursuing her studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Ms. Rohayani worked in the account department for a company in Ipoh, Perak. Subsequently, she gained valuable experience in operations, sales, distributor development, strategic development, and training in several MNCs companies such as Naza Group Berhad, Amcorp Berhad, and JCorp Berhad. She further expanded her forte by obtaining an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs, specializing in International Law and Diplomacy from Universiti Utara Malaysia.

In addition to her corporate background, Ms. Rohayani was once a stockist in Perak, Penang, and Selangor under Catalyst Neutraceutical Sdn Bhd and Bani’s Coffee. She earned recognition, receiving the Best Stockist Special Award in 2015 under Catalyst Neutraceutical Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur.

Unfortunately, she had to leave her career due to health issues, and attempted various ways and methods to improve her well-being but without success.

Fortuitously, she discovered natural aloe vera juice on Facebook and, after contacting several dealers, connected with Ms. Juraidah. With just a bottle of the product, her health improved, prompting her to share her experience online. In less than two weeks, she transitioned into becoming an FMA Entrepreneur, experiencing significant financial recovery. This enabled her to relieve herself of approximately one hundred thousand ringgit in debt and support her three children attending boarding school.

Her dreams came true as she felt grateful to contribute to family members in need, while also having ample time for her hobbies and continuing her studies. Currently, Ms. Rohayani runs her own business in the F&B field, focusing on the catering industry and a cafe located in Putrajaya.

Since joining FMA, her life has undergone significant positive changes, and she expresses gratitude for the opportunities the academy provided. Armed with experience and knowledge gained over the years, Ms. Rohayani is enthusiastic about contributing to the development of FMA, by “helping to empower more entrepreneurs to succeed” in the future.