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Frequently asked question

What is Forever Millionaires Academy?

Forever Millionaires Academy (FMA) is an academy which operates as a platform, helping to provide comprehensive and systematic business opportunities and solutions with a cohesive strategy to those who want to become global entrepreneurs

Why should I join FMA?

We provide a circle that is always positive that applies the spirit of family and mutual sharing among each other. In FMA, there are no competition, rival and differences in rank.

FMA is led by two successful mentors of international level, together with 22 mentors with diverse background, multiplicity of expertise, great skills and have managed to achieve success in business. These 22 mentors assemble to provide guidance to new entrepreneurs in building a stable network.

What Are The Advantages Of Joining FMA?

How do I join FMA?

Please contact our agents and provide the information as below:

A copy of Identification card, email, telephone number & address required

What is the next step after joining?

You will be contacted & guided by an FMA representative for the next step to success!

What are the requirements to register with FMA?

  • 18 years and above for Malaysian citizens
  • Foreigners need to provide a copy of their passport and supporting identification documents

What do FMA offers?

  • FMA’s main focus is to guide entrepreneurs to manage business successfully
  • A wide selection of high quality daily use products, consisting of superfood & head-to-toe regime
  • The products offered consist of sunnah food, skin care, weight management, personal use & health care by providing holistic values to their health
  •  Those joining will have the options to use the product as a user or to embark on business
  • Our priority is to help you to be a smart & efficient entrepreneur in business

How much is the fee to join FMA?

  • Member: RM90.00
  • Entrepreneur: RM1606.80

For more info, please click this link: FMA Career

Are the classes FOC?


All activities managed by FMA are free of charge. You will be notified immediately when you become a member