FMA Milestones

The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph

Pak Soo

Who says 62 years old can’t be successful in business?
He was able to thrive in the financial industry for 20 years. With the support of the FMA and his own determination, he navigated the complex world of finance and constantly sought opportunities to expand his knowledge. Through building strong relationships with clients and leveraging his natural charisma, he established trust and credibility, leading to long-term partnerships and client loyalty. Joining FMA further enhanced his sales and marketing capabilities, allowing him to tap into a wider customer base and achieve impressive sales results. Paksoo’s success story showcases the importance of determination, learning, and adaptability in achieving entrepreneurial success.

Mrs. Emily

Time & money freedom!
Mrs. Emily was tired of the little results she was getting from her store business and decided to make a change in her family’s life. Every day, she would wake up early, open the shutter door, and wait for customers to come for hours. Despite her years of struggle, the results were not as satisfying as she had hoped. However, with the help of FMA, Mrs. Emily was able to rise to the right platform for her business. Thanks to their unprecedented knowledge, her sales reached RM615,830 in 2021. Business people need guidance from mentors who can help them achieve their goals, just like a teacher who never gave up on science.

We Know, We Care

For a better health: protect, plan & live well

Mrs. Lyn

Too lethargic to apply elaborate makeup
As my mom have reached a certain age, I find herself too lethargic to apply elaborate makeup. This is why  I purchase a face moisturizer for her. She had received a complete set of toners, but found it too cumbersome to apply makeup beforehand. I was able to provide her with a tube of moisturizer that contained aloe vera, jojoba, and collagen elastin. This product was effective in providing moisture and tightening the skin. After using it for a week, my mother was so pleased with the results that she asked me to purchase it again. She was particularly happy that the fine lines on her face had disappeared and her skin felt soft. I highly recommend this moisturizer as a gift for any mothers who are looking for a simple and effective skincare solution.

Mrs. Elvy

Bye-bye acne!
During her difficult battle with acne, Mrs. Elvy experienced feelings of inferiority and shame, hindering her ability to socialize. Despite her efforts to find a solution through various products, she struggled to overcome her acne problem. However, it is crucial to recognize that the root cause of acne often originates from within the body, and taking care of the skin internally can have a significant impact. By nourishing the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C from papaya and lemon, one can promote healthy and radiant skin. Additionally, incorporating external treatments like aloe vera can also prove beneficial. As a result, Mrs. Elvy now feels more self-assured when interacting with others.

Mrs. Qurratu'aini

Scar go away!
It is disheartening to experience the emotions that arise when witnessing a face adorned with wounds. Deep within, I believe these scars will endure indefinitely, leaving a lasting impact. However, through my journey from one solution to another, I stumbled upon a remarkable combination of gel and cream that effectively treats scars. Astonishingly, within a mere 10 days, the wound dried up, the scab naturally fell off, and the most remarkable aspect is the absence of any visible scar. This miraculous outcome feels almost enchanting. I highly recommend this combo set to anyone grappling with skin issues.