Dayana Affandi

FMA Digital Marketing Specialist


Ms. Dayana, a former Aerospace Engineering graduate with first-class Honors from Universiti Sains Malaysia, initially pursued a career as an Engineer in a leading international company. During her engineering tenure, she served as a “Master Trainer,” sharing her expertise in process innovation during visits to Japan and the UK. Simultaneously, Ms. Dayana, since the age of 8, actively participated in musical theatre and dancing activities under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

In 2012, driven by her passion for business and seeking greater time freedom, Ms. Dayana transitioned to entrepreneurship. She opened a convenience store specializing in Health & Beauty products, eventually expanding to establish five branches across Malaysia. Despite her relative unfamiliarity with the field, Ms. Dayana committed herself to continuous learning in Nutrition & Supplementation to ensure the success of her venture.

After six years of managing the convenience store, she again was faced with time constraints related to her children. As such, Ms. Dayana made the tough decision to close the business. It was during this period that FMA offered her an opportunity to fulfill her dream of running a home-based business. With FMA’s guidance, she achieved significant success, reaching one million in sales in 2020. Her accomplishments were acknowledged with free vacations to various destinations, including Australia, Arizona, Mexico, Istanbul, and Abu Dhabi.


Within FMA, Ms. Dayana plays a crucial role in the content portfolio, having honed her expertise during the global pandemic by dedicating two years to studying digital marketing skills with Momentum Internet Sdn Bhd. Her success story was featured in the renowned publication “BUAT JER, SEGALANYA BERUBAH” in 2021. Proficient in copywriting, database management, social media video content creation, Facebook ads, and Canva, Ms. Dayana is determined to assist FMA entrepreneurs in “enhancing their marketing skills and achieving greater proficiency in their commercial endeavors.”