Faizal Ismail

FMA Compliance & Regulatory Advisor


Mr. Faizal’s professional journey is marked by an impressive foundation in education and extensive experience in audit and risk management. His career trajectory includes notable roles with multinational corporations such as Shell Malaysia and British American Tobacco, showcasing his expertise and skills in strategic planning and risk management. With over 24 years in the field, he has built a wealth of knowledge within the industry.

Mr. Faizal’s introduction to FMA was driven by a personal motivation – seeking a remedy for his own ailment. Through meticulous research of the FMA product portfolio, he found effective solutions that addressed his health concerns. His commitment to factual and verifiable information, coupled with his appetite for knowledge, led him to unofficially assume the role of FMA Product Advisor.

In this capacity, he covers all aspects related to the product portfolio, ailment management, and serves as the Risk Management Officer.

Dedicated to pursuing his personal objectives, Mr. Faizal firmly believes that FMA provides the ideal platform and avenue for him to achieve his goals. His journey with FMA exemplifies the dual “aspects of personal health improvement and professional growth” within the FMA community.