FMA Icebreaking Meeting

Date: 29 August 2023

Time: 10:00PM

Author: Ikhmal Zaim

During the meeting, the FMA Avengers will engage in various ice-breaking activities to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the participants. These activities included team-building exercises, interactive games, and group discussions aimed at breaking down barriers and encouraging open communication.

The FMA Founders, Puan Juraidah and Encik Ahmad, kick off the meeting with a welcome address, expressing their gratitude to the selected Avengers for their commitment and dedication to the FMA cause. They emphasize the importance of this undertaking and the potential impact it can have on the organization and its mission.

Following the opening remarks, the special invited guest will take the stage. This guest, a renowned expert in the field of global business development, will share their insights and experiences on how to successfully revamp and elevate an organization to a global level. Their expertise will serve as a valuable resource for the FMA Avengers, providing them with guidance and inspiration to accomplish their mission.

Throughout the day, the participants engaged in brainstorming sessions, workshops, and presentations to generate innovative ideas and strategies for the revamped FMA. They explored various aspects of the organization, including marketing, operations, finance, and technology, with the goal of identifying areas for improvement and growth.

The FMA Avengers encouraged to think outside the box, challenge conventional wisdom, and push the boundaries of what is possible. They given the opportunity to share their unique perspectives and contribute their expertise to the collective effort of transforming FMA into a global powerhouse.

As the meeting progresses, the participants formed smaller working groups to delve deeper into specific areas of focus. These groups will collaborate closely, exchanging ideas, conducting research, and developing action plans to implement the proposed changes.

By the end of the day, the FMA Avengers have developed a comprehensive roadmap for the revamped FMA. This roadmap will outline the specific initiatives, timelines, and resources required to achieve the organization’s new global vision.

The FMA Ice Breaking Meeting concluded with a closing ceremony, during which the FMA Founders will express their gratitude to the participants for their hard work and dedication. They emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving the organization’s goals and encourage the Avengers to continue their efforts beyond the meeting.

Overall, the FMA Ice Breaking Meeting marks the beginning of an exciting journey for FMA. It sets the stage for a transformative undertaking that will propel the organization to new heights of success and impact. With the collective wisdom, passion, and determination of the FMA Avengers, the revamped.