Hadznoel Zaidi Razuan

FMA IT & Technology Advisor


In 2021, Mr. Hadznoel decided to embark on a new journey as an FMA entrepreneur, driven by health problems and the desire for an additional income. This decision led him to discover an aloe vera-based product that significantly alleviated his severe spinal and gastric issues, bringing about a considerable improvement in his health and overall well-being.

Being part of the FMA community proved to be truly rewarding for Mr. Hadznoel. The platform not only offered a highly profitable system but also provided a plethora of fascinating entrepreneurial programs. These included comprehensive business training, valuable mentoring sessions, insightful seminars, and personal coaches offering one-on-one guidance—all free of charge. The support and resources available through FMA played a crucial role in his personal and professional growth.

The financial aspect of this experience was particularly exciting for Mr. Hadznoel. As he continued to build his business, he noticed a significant increase in savings and purchasing power. This newfound financial stability not only provided a sense of security but also opened up opportunities for him to pursue his dreams and aspirations. He expressed genuine gratitude for the positive impact that FMA and the aloe vera product had on his life.

Before venturing into this business, Mr. Hadznoel gained valuable working experience as the Technical Director at Ombak Associates Sdn. Bhd and as the Chief Technology Officer at Finther Technologica. With a total of 26 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Mr. Hadznoel possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Combining these with the skills acquired through FMA empowered him to “assist friends and acquaintances in starting their own businesses and support the academy in expanding further in technological aspects”. Witnessing others’ success and contributing to their journeys has been an incredibly fulfilling aspect of his experience.