Norizan Zainal

FMA Operation & Business Specialist


Ms. Norizan, a devoted homemaker, assumed the sole responsibility of caring for her husband after he experienced a spinal injury in 2010. Following a lengthy 15-hour surgery, her husband faced the prospect of lifelong wheelchair use, leading to the loss of his career as the family’s primary earner. Ms. Norizan, in turn, took up the mantle of supporting her husband and family.

In 2017, a turning point occurred when Ms. Norizan discovered health products from FMA that proved instrumental in her husband’s regaining mobility. Impressed by the transformative results, she began advocating for the products and, with FMA’s guidance, achieved remarkable sales of RM25,075 within two weeks. Despite lacking prior business experience, Ms. Norizan swiftly ascended to the position of manager in just two months, achieving sales totaling RM120,360. By 2020, she celebrated reaching her first RM1.5 million in sales.


Ms. Norizan’s entrepreneurial success with FMA translated into numerous perks, including trips to Taiwan, Bangkok, Sydney, Bahamas, Phoenix, and Mexico. She received a monthly car bonus allowance of RM2250 for three years, attended the Global Rally Abu Dhabi 2021, and earned the title of Chairman Bonus Manager twice, whilst enjoying an annual bonus in US dollars.

With seven years of experience partnering with FMA, Ms. Norizan is now brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. Her focus is on “empowering ordinary individuals to achieve extraordinary success” through the academy, firmly believing that everyone deserves to fulfill their life dreams.