Norzaratulsyima Wahid

FMA Event Management Specialist


Since 2005, Ms. Norzaratulsyima has accumulated extensive experience in the advertising, printing, and event management industries. This background has equipped her with valuable skills in marketing, as well as art and design. Alongside her professional endeavors, she successfully manages multiple companies she owns, specifically R2 Print Enterprise and HR Jaya Event, guiding them to thrive in their respective fields.

The prospect of joining FMA piqued her interest when she witnessed the remarkable success and earnings of Ms. Juraidah Mohamad (EGLT), coupled with the substantial EGLT bonus exceeding one million ringgit. Initially hesitant, she harbored reservations about achieving tens of millions in sales to match Ms. Juraidah’s bonus and income.

However, after a detailed explanation from Ms. Juraidah herself, she was pleasantly surprised to find that doing business with FMA was straightforward, thanks to their transparent business plan and significantly higher bonus distribution compared to other companies in the market.

Affiliated with FMA, she achieved notable milestones, including earning a car bonus allowance in 2020 and attaining the prestigious title of Eagle Manager in 2021. Her outstanding performance earned her a fully paid vacation to Cancun, Mexico, valued at more than RM 50,000 for two people, courtesy of the company. Additionally, she seized the opportunity to travel to Istanbul, Turkey, with her two-month-old baby, all on the same flight ticket.

These experiences not only personally rewarded her but also enabled her to “leverage her expertise to elevate FMA and assist her fellow associates in achieving new milestones and progressing within the business”.