Nur Qurratu'aini

FMA Digital Communication Expert


Ms. Qurratu’aini is a skilled professional in digital marketing, poster design, video editing, content creation, public relations, and event management. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication (Hons.) Public Relations from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam. Throughout her career, she has gained diverse experiences in various roles, including sales promoter, spa therapist, teacher assistant, graphic designer, and social media manager.

In addition to her professional background, Ms. Qurratu’aini started her own part-time mobile spa business, utilizing products introduced by FMA. Her journey with FMA began in 2020, coinciding with a period when the business was predominantly conducted offline. However, the sudden impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent Movement Control Order (MCO) posed challenges to entrepreneurs who struggled with face-to-face interactions.

Despite these challenges, Ms. Qurratu’aini leveraged her skills and expertise to transition FMA’s business into the digital realm. She played a pivotal role in developing FMA’s online presence, conducting online classes, organizing virtual events, and implementing various digital programs.

Her enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and expertise extends to “empowering FMA entrepreneurs to enhance their online and digital skills”, contributing to the overall growth of the academy.