Safari Jamil

FMA Compliance & Regulatory Advisor


Major Safari is a dedicated officer in the Malaysian Armed Forces, with a career that began in 1998 at the Royal Military College. He furthered his military officer training at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst (RMAS) in the United Kingdom and holds certification as a Helicopter Pilot Instructor. Alongside his military service, Major Safari has a deep passion for entrepreneurship, and this interest led him to the Forever Millionaires Academy (FMA).

His journey with FMA started in January 2017, but he fully committed to the academy in 2019 due to his busy schedule in the preceding year. Understanding the FMA business concept, he made a bold decision to divest his other businesses and dedicate himself to FMA, a move that paid off as he achieved a remarkable five-figure monthly income within a year.

Major Safari’s success with FMA has translated into tangible rewards, including upgrading his family home, acquiring and renovating his dream house, and obtaining his dream car. These achievements are a testament to the impact of his commitment to FMA.

He has reached numerous milestones, earning a free vacation to Phoenix, Arizona in 2021 (though it was canceled due to the MCO) and a trip to Abu Dhabi in 2022 with his family, each trip costing around RM50,000. Major Safari has not only achieved personal success but has also played a crucial role in helping his siblings, relatives, and friends earn significant incomes through FMA. He actively contributes to the development of FMA, collaborating with his siblings and other Avengers to contribute to the academy’s “growth and the creation of more entrepreneurs, both locally and globally”.