Siti Roihan

FMA Content Creator Specialist


Ms. Roihan encountered numerous challenges in her life, enduring multiple business setbacks. Despite these obstacles, her determination to overcome adversity remained steadfast. The most heart-wrenching moment came just before the Muslim festive season when she found herself unable to provide essential necessities for her children. The financial strain was so severe that her car faced repossession, and she had to vacate her rental house due to the inability to afford rent.

Fortunately, a positive turning point occurred when Ms. Roihan joined FMA. This academy played a pivotal role in transforming her family’s circumstances. With the newfound support and guidance from FMA, Ms. Roihan managed to send all three of her children to the best private college in the area. Additionally, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of performing Umrah with her family of eight.

Furthermore, she successfully completed the construction of a house that had been abandoned for many years, investing hundreds of thousands of ringgit into the project. Ms. Roihan’s dedication and hard work also led to the purchase of two luxury cars, providing her family with newfound comfort and security.

In recognition of her remarkable achievements, Ms. Roihan has been granted the privilege of traveling around the world with FMA on an annual basis. This incredible opportunity has allowed her to visit various destinations, including Korea, Arizona, Dallas, Phoenix, Rome, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Sweden, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Her inspiring journey and accomplishments have been widely covered by online media platforms such as Berita Harian, Harian Metro, Kosmo, and Mstar Online, making her a role model for many aspiring individuals.

Thanks to the business knowledge and mentorship she received from FMA, Ms. Roihan managed to successfully establish an Indonesian Cuisine Restaurant, an entrepreneur training academy called Roihan Basaroy Academy and is also the proud founder of Eyra Somia Cosmetic Global products. These ventures not only contributed to her personal success but also provided “opportunities for others to learn, grow and expand their entrepreneurial spirits”.