Siti Zubaidah

FMA Business Mentor


Ms. Siti Zubaidah, a dedicated full-time housewife and mother of seven, has successfully forged a career in the networking business. With a decade of entrepreneurial experience in MLM and product trading, she decided to join FMA’s networking business at the end of 2019, drawn by the numerous success stories within the academy.

Her interest in FMA was sparked when she tried the products to alleviate energy issues during her sixth pregnancy. Impressed with the product quality, she committed to building a career in this field. Within just four months, she achieved the manager level and set a new personal record with a five-figure monthly bonus.

Through her hard work and dedication, Ms. Siti Zubaidah accomplished significant milestones in FMA, earning a monthly car allowance and sponsorships for trips abroad, including Global Rally Sydney and Abu Dhabi, as well as Eagle Manager Retreat (EMR) Dallas.

Currently a Soaring Manager in FMA, she excels in building strong business teams and is enthusiastic about contributing to the development of FMA entrepreneurs.

With prior experience in evolving a business team for a local company, where she played the role of a ‘ghostwriter’ for commercial activities, Ms. Siti Zubaidah draws on this experience to prepare robust FMA entrepreneurship modules as part of her role in the educational portfolio of the academy.

Ms. Siti Zubaidah firmly believes that “success is achievable through collaborative efforts”. She emphasizes the art of team building and expresses confidence that, guided by FMA’s top mentor and the cooperation among FMA Avengers, the academy will continue to produce successful entrepreneurs at the international level.